FASTORQ® 72 | Anti-seize paste / high-temperature max. 2 500 °C

Anti-seize paste / high-temperature max. 2 500 °C | FASTORQ® 72 Fastorq
FASTORQ® 72 is a heavy duty, nickel based thread lubricant designed to prevent galling and accomplish proper make-up with less torque. Repeatability is important. FASTORQ® 72 has a K-factor, which is not only lower, but also more consistent than any other nickel based compound..fastorq®72是一个沉的任纹润滑止擦伤和更少的扭矩实现当的化妆。复性是很的。fastorq®72具有K系数不仅低了且更一的比任何其他基复合..FASTORQ® 72 is particularly recommended for use in extreme temperatures. Connections subject to “metal creep” may no longer offer a good fit between mating surfaces. The solids package in FASTORQ® 72 continues to provide a reliable bearing surface in order to prevent galling during breakout..fastorq®72特别推用于极端温度。受属变”“接可不再提供合之的一个不的择。fastorq®在72固体包继续提供一个可的承以止磨损在突破..FASTORQ® 72 does not contain sulfur bearing or other materials that might cause stress cracking (an important feature in the nuclear industry). It is recommended for temperatures up to 2500 degrees Farenheit.fastorq®72不含含硫或其他材料可会引应力开在核工业的一个特征。是推使用的温度华氏2500度。

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