Hydraulic bolt tensioner ZIPNUT®

Hydraulic bolt tensioner ZIPNUT® Fastorq
* Use it wherever heavy hex nuts are used.使用它无用于型六母。* Eliminate tedious turning.*消冗的折。* Ignore damaged or corroded threads.*忽略损坏或的纹。* No cross threading.*无交叉线。* ASTM A194 Grade 2H equivalent.* ASTM A194等级2当。* Fits standard bolts.*符合标准的栓。* Also available in plastic.塑料也可*。* ZipNuts® measure one wrench size larger across the flats than standard heavy hex nuts..* zipnuts®测一个扳手尺寸大的在整个单位比标准的型六母..* Heavy Hex Nuts are in compliance with SA 194 (Nuclear Applications).*型六母是与SA 194依从性核应用。

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