Assembly paste / molybdenum bi-sulphate / MoS2 FASTORQ® 70+

Assembly paste / molybdenum bi-sulphate / MoS2 FASTORQ® 70+ Fastorq
FASTORQ® 70 is a thread compound formulated to provide smooth make-up and breakout of threaded connections. Another primary function is the prevention of rust and corrosion..fastorq®70是纹的复合方提供光滑的纹接卸扣。另一个主功是止生和。FASTORQ® 70 contains well over 70 pure molybdenum disulfide, more than any other moly-paste. For decades, moly has been recognized for its lubricity under pressure and its ability to pack solidly and smoothly into the pores of metal surfaces. It is also noted for its chemical stability at temperatures below 750°F. FASTORQ® 70 contains a significant concentration of rust and corrosion inhibitors, and also an H2S inhibitor…fastorq®70包含70的纯二硫化比任何其他。几十年来已公为压力及其包牢固利入属的孔在其润滑力。它也因其化学稳定性在温度低于750°F. fastorq®70包含一个显着的浓度的生和抑制剂也是一种硫化氢抑制剂…FASTORQ® 70 is recommended for general use on threaded connections and press fits, and performs well as a lubricant for nut splitter chisels. It can also be used on seal rings and as a dressing for packing and o-rings..fastorq®70推一使用纹接和压合并执以及母分器凿子润滑剂。它也可以用在密封圈和O形圈为包和穿着。FASTORQ® 70 works well as a wear-in lubricant and also in a variety of other applications where sliding friction is present. It is recommended for use at temperatures not exceeding 750°F.fastorq®70以及润滑油中的磨损和在各种各样的其他应用程序的滑动摩擦是存在的。它推用于在温度不750°F.

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