Lubricants paste / anti-seize FASTORQ®

Lubricants paste / anti-seize FASTORQ® Fastorq
FASTORQ® A/G thread lubricant is “guaranteed” to eliminate galling on stainless steel threaded connections. It performs as an excellent sealant and lowers torque requirements, as proper make-up is achieved quickly with minimum torque..fastorq®AG纹润滑是保消磨损不纹接。它作为一种优的密封和低扭矩的求当的化妆是实现以最小的扭矩。In addition to eliminating galling on stainless steel threads, FASTORQ® A/G is equally effective on other gall-susceptible materials, as well as ferrous alloys, and may also be used on more common types of carbon steel. It has passed both the “Shrimp Test” (drilling fluid toxicity test) and the Static Sheen Test in accordance with EPA standards.了消擦伤不纹fastorq®AG是同样有效的其他敏感的材料以及有属合也可用于碳更常。它已“测”井液毒性和态测和EPA标准的光泽。

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