Wrench socket FASTORQ®

Wrench socket FASTORQ® Fastorq
are especially designed for heavy-duty impact workload. The highly accurate electrochemical process enables the machining of any steel, regardless of its hardness and mechanical qualities..是专为型冲击。精度的电化学程使任何的加工不其硬度和机械性的。While other manufacturers using conventional machining methods have to compromise in choosing the metal, FBS uses the most suitable impact-resistance steel..其他制商使用传统的加工方法在择属妥协FBS使用最合的抗冲击..FASTORQ® Impact Sockets Accessories are distinguished by the contacts between the nut or bolt and the socket, being on the flank’s center and not at the corners. This prolongs the life of the sockets and fasteners, while leaving the corners of the sockets, nuts and bolts in their original shape. Better power distribution is achieved by FBS flank-driven sockets, thus reducing tool wear.fastorq®套筒的件是由母或栓与插座点之的区别在侧的中心不在。延了插座和紧固件的寿命插座的在原来的形状的母和栓。电最好是FBS侧动的插座从减少刀具磨损。

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