Flange puller AUTO-ZIP™

Flange puller AUTO-ZIP™ Fastorq
FAST ZipNut® technology provides automatic operation. Zip-Nut® holds the load as the cylinder retracts. Quick release levers open and close puller bars for fast installation and removal..zipnut®技术提供快动操作。拉母®持为气缸缩回。快放杠杆打开和关牵引杆快安和拆卸的。VERSITILE ROV’s, Hard Suits or Divers can operate the system at any depth. Available in 30-Ton 6″ and 60-Ton 5″ stroke Models. Use in multiples of 2, 3 or more..Versitile ROV硬服或潜水员可以操作系统在任何深度。30吨660吨5“中模型。使用2的倍数3或更多。EASY TO USE Auto-Puller assembly pushes on and pulls off standard threaded rods.易于使用的汽牵引组件推和拉了标准纹杆。

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