Hydraulic bolt tensioner AUTO-ZIP™

Hydraulic bolt tensioner AUTO-ZIP™ Fastorq
* The AUTO-ZIP#8482; Stud Tensioner’s compact design allows 100 stud coverage from one side of any ANSI or API flange! For example, the body diameter of a 1-5/8″ AUTO-ZIP#8482; is only 3.66″ (93mm)! This also improves the ability of AUTO-ZIP#8482; to fit non-standard applications..* auto-zip # 8482栓张紧置的紧凑的允100种盖率从一个侧任何ANSI或API法兰例如一个5 / 8”auto-zip # 8482体直径只有3.66”毫米也提了auto-zip # 8482的力应标准的应用程序。* AUTO-ZIP#8482; standard sizes fit stud diameters from 1″ to 4″ and M 18 to M100 for metric studs. Custom sizes can be manufactured to order..* auto-zip # 8482标准尺寸合的栓直径从1“到4”和M 18公制栓M100。定制的尺寸可以制单。* AUTO-ZIP#8482; seals are a spring-energized graphite fiber reinforced PTFE. This provides a superior working seal and gives the AUTO-ZIP#8482; Stud Tensioner an indefinite storage life. This seal also allows automatic piston retraction..* auto-zip # 8482密封弹簧电的石墨纤维增强四氟乙烯。提供了一个优的工作密封并给出auto-zip # 8482栓紧器无期存寿命。种密封允动活塞回缩的。* AUTO-ZIP#8482; Stud Tensioners are substantially lighter weight than competing stud tensioners. For example, a 1-5/8″ tensioning unit weighs only 15 lbs. compared to 18 to 25 lbs. competing tensioners in use today.* 8482栓张紧器auto-zip #比竞争栓紧基本上的。例如一个5 / 8”张紧置的只有15磅。相比1825磅。竞争收紧在今天使用的。

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