Hydraulic torque wrench IU-XL

Hydraulic torque wrench IU-XL Fastorq
Inline ratcheting wrenches require minimum clearance, while applying torque on the same plane as the nut, providing a marked improvement over square drive socket wrenches. Our IU-XL Series patented design breakthrough for inline ratcheting wrenches reduces the overall dimensions of the inline ratcheting head, allowing it to fit almost every application. Our IU-XL Series inline ratcheting wrench capacities range from 100 to 50,000 foot pounds of torque, using a 10,000 PSI hydraulic pump.内置棘扳手的最小同时施加扭矩在同一平上的母提供显着的改善方形传动套筒扳手。我们的系列专利iu-xl内棘扳手的突破了内棘头的外形尺寸使其合几乎所有的应用程序。我们内iu-xl系列棘扳手容围从100到50000尺磅的扭矩使用一个10000磅的液压泵。

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