Hydraulic torque wrench 603A / ST-CU

Hydraulic torque wrench 603A / ST-CU Fastorq
* Fastest Torque Wrench on the Market .*快的扭矩扳手在市场。* Fully Reversible, with Full Power in Both Directions .*完全可的有两个方向的全功率。* Operates in tight spaces.*工作在狭小的空。* Accuracy is /- 3.*精度为/ – 3。* Manual or Robotic Control.*手动或动控制。* Operates at 200 to 2,500 PSI, up to 10 RPM.*工作在200到2500磅10。* Durable Stainless Steel Body.*用的不体。* Hex Inserts and Stack Sockets Available.*六插入堆栈插座可用。* 10 Models from 200 – 7,000 ft. lbs.* 10模式从200 – 7000尺磅。

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