Flange spreader HS10K / MS10K

Flange spreader HS10K / MS10K Fastorq
The AUTO-SPREADER™ flange spreader provides up to 10,000 pounds of force to separate flange faces up to 3 inches. The AUTO-SPREADER™ is available in Hydraulic (HS10K) or Manual (MS10K) models. A standard hand pump powers one Hydraulic AUTO-SPREADER™ flange spreader, or a pair of the AUTO-SPREADER™ flange spreaders, with ease. The Manual AUTO-SPREADER™ flange spreaders uses a ratchet handle to transform 100 ft-lbs of input to 10,000 lbs. of spreading force to create the gap between flange faces. A load lowering valve is available for Hydraulic pumps to control the closing rate of the HS10K.auto-spreader™的法兰吊具提供10000磅的力使法兰到3寸。auto-spreader™的液压hs10k或手动ms10k模型。一个标准的手泵功率液压auto-spreader™法兰吊具或一对auto-spreader™法兰吊具松。手动auto-spreader™法兰分离器使用棘手柄将100尺磅的入10000磅的传播力创法兰之的。下可用于液压泵控制的hs10k合率。

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